Carbon Fibre Outriggers

Carbon Fibre Outriggers that go the distance

Kilwell is kiwi for fishing. Since 1933, our gear has been out on the water and landing fish. If your customers are demanding the best outriggers to pair up with your boats, get Kilwell in your corner.

Our Longreach carbon outriggers are renowned for their durability, light weight, and stopping power. The range is solid and available for you and your customers straight away. 

Or, if you're looking to kit your rigs out with something a little more custom, our experienced and dedicated team of 60 is on side to design and deliver custom outriggers for your fleet. 

Going to take the bait? 

"The finest outriggers available"

Ben Brown - Built to Fish TV

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Keen to team up?

Let us know what you have in mind, and one of our team will get in touch to talk through your project and scope it with you. If you would like to share any drawings now, please do. Or, if you would prefer that we enter in an NDA first, we can make that happen quickly and easily.

Specialist Capabilities

In-house CAD Designers
Generations of knowledge & expertise
Finishing & Fabrication Suite
CNC Turning & Milling Centres
Test, Measure & ISO-Compliant Quality Control
Rapid Development Facilities
If your competitive edge comes from composites, we hear your call.