Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is not just a strapline, it's the ethos that guides everything we do, and the clients we choose to partner with. 

Check out some of the world-leading clients we have partnered with, and the ambitious challenges we've taken on together. 

Emirates Team New Zealand

Winning the America's Cup is no small thing. Emirates Team New Zealand's successful defense of the title in 2021 was the result of exceptional innovation, dedication, teamwork and grit. 

At this elite level, every second counts; on the water, and in the development, training and construction. So, when Chris Hickey and the team needed a partner for roll-wrapped carbon fibre components on a fast turnaround, Kilwell was the name that came to mind. 

Te Ahi Tupua

When Stacey Gordine began sketching Te Ahi Tupua, a 12-metre-high public artwork inspired by Maori heritage and the geothermal forces in Rotorua, he knew the design was ambitious. With a huge, flowing helical form that would need to stand up to the wind and the elements, Stacey and the team at Te Puia would have their work cut out to find someone to construct it.

They scoured the globe for someone who could build the structure to no avail.

Then Kilwell Fibrelab presented a solution, right on their doorstep.

LTA Research

LTA Research has a clear and incredible focus. Their team is researching, developing, and manufacturing advanced technologies to dramatically increase the capabilities, and lower the cost, of 21st century airships. Their vision is to create zero-emission aircraft that can complement – and even speed up - humanitarian disaster response.

When they needed a production partner, they scoured the world. And they chose Kilwell Fibrelab.  

Image courtesy of LTA Research

Hardy Rifle Engineering

Hardy Rifle Engineering set out with a clear goal; produce a world-leading precision rifle that combines incredible accuracy and usability with showstopping design.

Guided by their values of leading from the front, relentless innovation, and commitment to service and quality, they partnered with Kilwell to help create their vision

If your competitive edge comes from composites, we hear your call.