Hardy Rifle Engineering

Case Study

Hardy Rifle Engineering set out with a clear goal; produce a world-leading precision rifle that combines incredible accuracy and usability with showstopping design. 

Guided by their values of leading from the front, relentless innovation, and commitment to service and quality, they partnered with Kilwell to help turn their vision into a reality. 

The challenge

The functional and aesthetic benefits have seen carbon fibre gain global traction amongst elite marksmen and performance rifle designers. 

But a rifle cannot be made from carbon fibre alone; it must seamlessly interface with other materials. For Hardy Rifle Engineering, the challenge was finding a way to interface carbon fibre with the premium German-made steel body of their rifle barrels. 


Challenge Accepted.

Led by composite research and fabrication expert William London, Kilwell applied the lessons and skills learned from 50+ years of designing and producing high-precision roll-wrapped carbon fibre tubing. 

Building the base layers to maximise rigidity, minimse weight and harness the advantages to harmonic dampening and internal ballistics takes experience and crafstmanship.  The handcrafted meets the high-tech in the final stages, where the finish layer is milled flush with the barrel stock using CNC lathes. 

"A constant pursuit of excellence"

The full Hardy Rifle Eningeering case study
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