Composite Design

Craftmanship in your design crew

Thinking of producing something in carbon fibre or fibreglass but not sure of the material properties, or whether your idea can be feasibly fabricated?

Plug in a composite team with decades of experience working with industrial and product designers to bring composite and carbon fibre projects to life.

Our composite experts have been exposed to 1,000's of design challenges and helped clients overcome them.

The Process

If you know that you need a product or component to meet certain criteria but you're still working out the design and want to test and learn as you go, let's work together as one team.

Here's how.

Scope First we work with you to understand and define the scope of what you need to achieve.
Solution Design Our composite experts work on layups and production options
Prototyping This step is about making stuff and breaking stuff in development cycles.
Make > Test > Refine
Production Ready Once we have a viable prototype, you're ready to scale.

"Kilwell are the experts."

Find out how we worked with Hardy Rifle Engineering to bring their design for a functional, beautiful carbon-wrapped rifle barrel to life.

Emirates Team New Zealand

An alignment of values, coupled with fast-paced prototyping meant a perfect partnership.

Te Ahi Tupua

Stacey Gordine and his team scoured the globe for someone who could build their 12-meter-high structure, to no avail. Then Kilwell Fibrelab presented a solution, right on their doorstep.

LTA Research

When LTA research needed a production partner for their 21st-century Airship, they tested the world's best. And they chose Kilwell Fibrelab.

Hardy Rifle Engineering

Hardy Rifle Engineering set out with a clear goal; produce a world-leading precision rifle that combines incredible accuracy and usability with showstopping design.

How can we help?

Keen to team up?

Let us know what you have in mind, and one of our team will get in touch to talk through your project and scope it with you. If you would like to share any drawings now, please do. Or, if you would prefer that we enter in an NDA first, we can make that happen quickly and easily.

If your competitive edge comes from composites, we hear your call.